This is a cool little device.  The Batt-O-Meter is great for musicians and really gives a player a quick way of knowing the conditions of batteries in their gear. I will tell you the condition of the battery, even the remaining hours of battery life.  Now that is a time saver!

I know right away someone might say, who is using batteries?  They should have a pedal board with power. Yes, in a perfect world but we all know there's time's we are at jams, trying out new pedals before time consuming pedal board placement.

Some of us don't use remote power, we just like a couple of pedals in the floor. I really don't know why no one thought of this before. It's all calculated by a cpu that maybe would have been too large for a convenient tool a few years ago.

This little guy even simulates the appropriate load for real world applications.  Just plug and read and you know right away if you have enough juice for the gig or whatever...No more watching that power LED and thinking, "it's not glowing as bright as it usually does, hope I got enough juice for the gig." Times when you get to the gig and have just enough time to set up and do a PA check, tearing in to some pedals to get to the battery is time consuming. One less hassle.

The Batt-O-Meter can test stand-alone batteries: 9V, 1.5V (AAA, AA), and 3V.  It works with Alkaline, Rechargeable, and old school Carbon-Zinc batteries.  Rechargeables!!!  that's incredible, it will pay for itself in no time...As a player I love using rechargeables but the downside as we all know is they go from working well to not working much faster than a regular battery so you can't count on them.

This is a good unbiased demo of the batt-o-meter.  (read reviews here)

Video Transcript

hey guys this is Jimmy without music and gonna do a quick demo for you today on a new accessory tackle we all could use one of these in our gig bag or case is actually pretty practical it is the new battery meter from Keith McMillen instruments and it is a a battery tester for you know active guitars or payrolls or cue sticks anything that uses a any kind of battery being a wireless system 9-ball 18-volt active bases whatever could be and the way it works is rather than just reading the amount of voltage left in the battery and actually gives you in our way now as far as how much life is left in how much longer use that panel before it dies so I'll do a quick demo here for on this mister right panels here now you do is plug it into the input quarter-inch whatever it is you're using you hold the testing it doesn't alkaline voltage reading 9.37 and its gonna tell me that we have 24 hours life left in this unit so out real quick thing you know on the gear you can look you can make sure that your batteries are running properly and make sure everything is good to go so you have one less thing to worry about and that that any questions give us a call up with the email you check out our web site at all times and we're here to help you guys out ago later