Fender Ultimate Chorus Switch Replacement

This post is not a video, just pics. It is a result of recent emails with a guitarist that bought an amp and wanted to switch out the AC off/on switch.  Because of the lengthy exchange I decided to make a post of it and possibly help someone else. In the meantime it’s a good … Read more

Fender Amp Power Supply Problem

This video found on YouTube is a perfect example of a filter cap problem. On solid state units like this one, through vibration and assembly techniques, components can work themselves lose from the circuit board. The owner greg1485 from this video literally has his finger on the problem. In a perfect situation with a trained … Read more

Tube Amp – Bent Tube Pins

This video shows how I straighten bent tube pins. Try to be careful when you insert your tube into a tube socket. If you look at the socket, you will notice an blank space (no hole). Align your tube accordingly. Never force, but sometimes takes a little pressure to get the tube inserted. You always … Read more

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp Repair Video Part 2

In this amp repair video, I’m showing how to clean the pots. Just a little spray into each (small opening in the pot casing) and then work the knob. I WOULD RECOMMEND TURNING OFF THE AMP AND UNPLUGGING FROM THE WALL FIRST. Clean the jacks also and make sure they are nice and tight to … Read more