Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp Repair Video Part 3

In this amp repair video, I’m basically showing how you can take a drumstick and probe around to see if anything is loose on the board. Also give a light friction test to tubes. If you have a bad tube, sometimes a light tap can get it to spit or malfunction. You have to keep … Read more

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Repair Video

This is an amp that was brought in for repair. Mainly dirt and worn tubes. I show some of the waveforms from the scope. I will go into more detail in later videos. This type of repair is usually not that involved. A good cleaning, new tubes, bias, check tube sockets and circuit board. These … Read more

Glowing Output Tube Trouble

Here’s a video I saw on YouTube that is interesting by mistertonemaster. He took the time to capture a glowing output tube on tape. These come in the shop sometimes. If you experience this in your amp, turn it off immediately and take it in for repair. Simply replacing a tube may fix the problem … Read more