Finding Old Amp Treasures

I was reading this post below and thought I would bring it over here. A player finds an old Fender Pro in his grandfather’s workshop or something like that. There’s a guitar similar to the model Tom Waits plays also. Reminds me of time long ago in a shop I had in Richmond, Va. Lindy…

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BlackHeart Amp Little Giant for Guitar

This one is very cool. I got this video by toyhouse off of youtube. To me this is what it’s all about. Shows him (I’m assuming it’s a him, there is a hairy arm in the movie) unpacking, how he mics, the recording gear. Great song, great recording and production. FORGET THE VIDEO I JUST…

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Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp

This is an excellent amp demo by vintagetom on YouTube. He puts a silver face through the paces with some great playing. This is one of my favorite amps to work on.

57 Twin Tweed Amp Video

Here is a video by landminelenny on YouTube. Looks like he’s on the Stone’s road crew and got a good close up of the Twins in action. Every once in a blue moon a twin like this will come in the shop. Incredible amps.