This is a cool little device.  The Batt-O-Meter is great for musicians and really gives a player a quick way of knowing the conditions of batteries in their gear. I will tell you the condition of the battery, even the remaining hours of battery life.  Now that is a time saver! I know right away … Read more

BOSS FDR-1 Fender Deluxe Reverb Pedal

This Legend Series Pedal is incredible in the sense that if your amp doesn’t have reverb or vibrato, it does now! Uses COSM technology to model the amp sound of a Fender DELUXE REVERB®. Features reverb and vibrato effects like those on an actual DELUXE REVERB®amp. Not only that it is a great effects pedal, … Read more

Boss/Roland/Fender: FBM-1 Effects Amp Pedal

Here is an incredible pedal by Boss. Usually when I see/hear a modeling pedal it’s close but no cigar. Is this pedal as good as a cranked up 59 bassman? …of course not. But what you could do is run it parallel to the amp. For instance y-cord or go through a mixer where half … Read more