Gretsch G2420 Guitar Streamliner Review

In a music store the other day and noticed a Gretsch G2420 that had just landed there. I liked the sunburst color, the weight. What I really liked was the action. You couldn’t get the strings any closer and not buzz. The neck had a nice D shape to is as opposed to a U…I … Read more

Getting Started Electric Guitars

You can find some real deals online when searching for electric guitars. Of course it’s only a great deal if you know what to look for and where. I’ve been playing for more years than I can remember so maybe a tip or two from this web page can help you on your journey. Since … Read more

Bass Guitars

You want to be in demand? Play bass guitar. Really, I remember reading those words years ago when I was starting to play bass. I was reading in a music magazine an interview with some hot musician at the time and he was talking about the same thing. He was going on about playing bass … Read more

The price tag may be a little over the top for some players but if you want the top of the line then you’ve arrived. Just look at a few of these features. First of all this guitar has a urethane body finish and satin urethane finish on the neck. This is one of the … Read more