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How to use an Ohm Meter or Multimeter

Since most musicians have to use electricity to perform in one way or another, learning how to use an ohm meter or these days a multimeter, you can save time and money. And even more important you can understand your equipment better and get better use out of it. Getting started is not that hard … Read more

How to use a Volt Ohm Meter Part 1

Here is a good video on how to use a volt ohm meter. He explains in one example 4:34 how to test for continuity. (circuit has little or no resistance between two points) This is very important when troubleshooting a circuit. One example is you might find ” a short” which is slang that means … Read more

Tube Glove for Hot Tubes

This is a short video on a tube glove. I’ve used many things but there’s nothing that beats a tube glove. It’s always best to let tubes cool down before moving them around but there are times when this is not possible. The tube glove for guitar amps enables you to get a firm grip … Read more