Audio Signal Generator Demo

This is a Loftech TS-1 signal generator. A little used, missing knob cover on the frequency knob. Very versatile unit and rugged. Holds it’s calibration pretty well. This is an older unit. There are newer ones and rack mount versions also. In this video I’m running right into a speaker cabinet. Using a small power…

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Learn Proper Safety Procedures

This is basically a video talking about the need to get proper safety training if you’re going to be inside your equipment. There are several ways to get training. After school I literally volunteered my services at a TV shop. (back when they were tubes) Free labor, of course the guy hired me on the…

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Guitar Amp Repair Stand

This is a simple, easy to build amp stand. Great way to protect the tubes while you service your amp. I’ve found it fits most amps with plenty of clearance underneath. 2- 2 x 6 in. plywood 2- 2 x 4 in. 2- 4 x 4 in. …length can vary to suit your needs.

Basics of Electronic Soldering

This is a video I found on Youtube by I thought it pretty good since he covers a lot of the important points in soldering. You can apply these same procedures in working with your equipment. This page will definitely grow in information and more videos as soon as I find the time. I…

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