Get the Funk Out

I’ve talked about this incredible cleaning product before on this site in one of the videos but forget which one. Last week I got my fretless bass out at the gig that had been sitting awhile and it was cutting out at the output jack. And the pots were very scratchy. This is a cheapo … Read more

Troubleshooting Audio Mixing Boards and other Clues…

Troubleshooting audio mixers has come up twice now so I thought I would post my thoughts and maybe it will help someone that is experiencing the problem. Sometimes there are clues to where the problem could be and all you have to do is think logical about it. An example is you have a mixing … Read more

Guitar Amp Channel Switching Problem and How to Repair

Ok campers, I get quite a few questions in emails asking me about how to repair channel switching problems on newer Fender and Peaveys and such.  Most of the time the actual repair is simple to an experienced bench tech but to someone sitting at home wondering if they should fix it themselves to save … Read more

How to use an Ohm Meter or Multimeter

Since most musicians have to use electricity to perform in one way or another, learning how to use an ohm meter or these days a multimeter, you can save time and money. And even more important you can understand your equipment better and get better use out of it. Getting started is not that hard … Read more