Fender Champion 40 Owner Review

I picked up a Fender Champion 40 awhile back and thought it was time to do a review on the amp. I used it a lot a first with a Gretsch playing jazz standards. Works great for that style of music. Now I use it all the time playing a 6 string lap steel. It’s … Read more

Fender CP 60s Guitar Review from Owner

Fender CP 60s Guitar Review I noticed there were very few if any reviews online when I was thinking about trying this guitar. Couldn’t find one locally so I took a chance and ordered one. I must say I was surprised how nice this parlor guitar is. For a little background been playing for over … Read more


This is a cool little device.  The Batt-O-Meter is great for musicians and really gives a player a quick way of knowing the conditions of batteries in their gear. I will tell you the condition of the battery, even the remaining hours of battery life.  Now that is a time saver! I know right away … Read more

Jazz Guitar Instruction – Rich Severson – Review

I remember watching a Paul McCartney interview once and he was talking about one day they found out about a guy that would show them *(I think it was a B7 chord). So they ride a bus across town, hop on another bus, get to this guy’s flat. Go upstairs, the guy pulls out a … Read more