Fender CP 60s Guitar Review I noticed there were very few if any reviews online when I was thinking about trying this guitar. Couldn’t find one locally so I took a chance and ordered one. I must say I was surprised how nice this parlor guitar is.

For a little background been playing for over 40 years so I’ve owned and played a lot of guitars (Guild, Gibson). The most recent parlor guitar I tried was a Gretsch Jim Dandy. I picked the JD up the week or so before but it wasn’t what I was looking for. It was cool, had a unique slide sound but that was about it as far as I was concerned. I sent it back and took a chance on the Fender.

The neck is 24.75 scale. That means it’s like a Gibson to me and for some reason for finger picking and slide work I just like that 3/4 in. less length in the neck than the 25.5 necks. The Jim Dandy is something like 20 in. Can’t remember but I could see that would take some getting used to. My hand kept running in to back of the nut area.

The Fender has a unique sound also but sounds good on strumming or lead (playing with fingers) and slide. I would say because of the spruce top on the chord playing is the reason it sounds good. The parlor style still gives it the boxy sound that the acoustic blues guys go for so that base is covered too. Has a nice thin neck also. The frets are adequate. The finish is very nice on this guitar.

The tuners are adequate, stays in tune and has a good feel while turning. The nut was set up, you will not need to file this at all. ( I don’t think there’s that much space left to file down anyway) The action was set up good. Intonation spot on. It’s got a 12 high E and my stubby slide bottoms out past double E so will need to tweak the neck just a hair or go to a thicker string.

If I think of anything else I’ll post it. I just wanted to get some info out there if anyone was like me wondering what this guitar is like. I would say at this point Fender knocked this one out of the park at a price of $200.

Here’s a Fender cp60s at Amazon
UPDATE:  Had this over a year now…still grab it for quick playing at he computer or for jamming…slide guitar is great on it.  Can’t beat this little guitar at this price with a solid top!