I was reading this post below and thought I would bring it over here. A player finds an old Fender Pro in his grandfather’s workshop or something like that. There’s a guitar similar to the model Tom Waits plays also.

Reminds me of time long ago in a shop I had in Richmond, Va. Lindy Fralin walks in, (this is before his pickup company but I believe he was winding pickups then if I remember correctly) He was in a local band called the BopCats. I hope I have all this right because we are talking 30 years ago… :)

He’s moving in to an apartment and finds a blonde bassman head on the balcony porch being used to put flower pots on??? It was a bit weather worn but it’s a blonde bass head, that’s like winning the lottery!

About that time also a roadie for zz top comes in looking for plexi marshalls, bought on sight, working or not. That was his job in any town that the tour went to, to cruise around looking for plexi’s to buy during the day before a show. Another time I saw this was in Boston at guitar shows.

So you never know what you’ll find if you put in the time looking. There’s a local drummer that I play with sometimes and he does all the yard sales on weekends here in Florida. Every once in awhile he will find something cool. The last item was Music Man 65 watt tube head with the tube driver. Needed some work but sounded great after it was tuned up.

[GEAR] Found this amp in Grandpa’s woodshop. 50s Fender Pro-Amp. from Guitar