You can find some real deals online when searching for electric guitars. Of course it’s only a great deal if you know what to look for and where.

I’ve been playing for more years than I can remember so maybe a tip or two from this web page can help you on your journey.

Since I don’t know what level player you are, I’ll start at the beginning. Let’s say you’re moving past the part of being a killer air guitarist or maybe you’re super bad on guitar hero and wondering what it would be like to play an electric guitar.

The good news is these days the quality of intro guitars is superb over what was offered in the past. Because of mass production and years of experience by guitar builders you can get an excellent guitar to start with and I’ll show you where to look.

What kind do you want? I assume you want an electric or electric acoustic since that is the name of my site. What kind of sound do you want? The guitar will be just as important in the mix as the amplifier, sometimes even more so.

The pickups will give your new guitar the sound as well as the wood and the strings. Usually when most players start they pick a musician or a band they want to sound like and start noticing what kind of guitars they are playing. Unless of course you were given a guitar or found one really cheap.

These days almost all the electric guitars offered are easy to play, a lot easier to play than acoustic guitars for beginners.

This is really very important. Because I’ve noticed a lot of beginning player have enough to learn and practice and an easy to play guitar is very important.

Now let’s say you’ve been playing awhile and you just want to score a good guitar for not much money. the first thing I would do is cruise eBay and see what is offered. Sometimes you can get a great deal on there from someone that quit playing and they just want their stuff out of the house.

There are also great deals for beginners because some companies are unloading their overstock on there. And when that happens you can get an incredible deal.

It’s really easy to purchase on eBay, just open an account and bid or several auction are what is called “buy Now”.

Regardless where you buy online usually in a few days you have your guitar and ready to play. Check to see if you get accessories with your purchase like straps, strings, sometimes even amps and cords.

Most electric guitars for sale online come with some kind of case.

More advanced players check out the online auction sites all the time for deals on nice rare guitars. And some of these guitars are like major investments. They are rare and even know the sticker shock at first has to be dealt with, a lot of these guitars are only going up in price.

Some are very rare one of a kind. Most like in a year or two they will be even higher. I’ve seen this trend for years and kick myself for not picking up some of theme because now they cost twice as much.

Sure you can get a reissue that are very well made but there is something magical about playing an original if you can afford it, if not a reissue or anniversary model can be an exact duplicate as the original.

Have to include an Acoustic Electric…

So you’ve decided to buy a guitar and you’re still wondering if you’re getting a good deal.

Here’s what I would do, pick up the phone or email and ask questions. Most of my dealings on line for 10 years now have been 99% positive. Especially when I open up communication with the seller. You can tell from the tone of their emails or even the phone call that they are on the up and up and will be glad to share information on their guitar. After all they want to make the sell.

So go ahead and quit dreaming and get started, or if you’re an advanced player check out the online auction places you just might find a deal.

Electric Guitar Accessories:

If you’re new to buying an electric guitar there are a few things you may want to know about. First of all are you going to need an amplifier. You may already have one, if not then if you are just starting out you will need to decide what kind you want or if you opt for a package deal in which there are many on the net.

But if you’ve been playing awhile there will be decisions like what pickup do you want on your guitar. Or it may not matter. Advanced players sometimes install their own, by using a soldering iron.

Will your new guitar come with a case? Also see if you get extras like the cord that goes between the amplifier and guitar, a tuner, strings, strap and sheet music and audio cd for lessons.