I remember watching a Paul McCartney interview once and he was talking about one day they found out about a guy that would show them *(I think it was a B7 chord). So they ride a bus across town, hop on another bus, get to this guy’s flat. Go upstairs, the guy pulls out a guitar and plays B7. They ( I can’t remember if it was the whole band) ponder this chord for awhile, taking it in…Excited they know a B7 now.

Now fast forward this to today where you can watch someone show you all kinds of guitar tricks, theory, chords, licks, it’s endless. You have Youtube, skype, websites, dvd’s, etc. We are definitely in the age of instant information.

I’m always online watching video guitar lessons on Youtube. Since I’m a blues/jazz guitar player now…also play bass and piano..but focusing on guitar for the last year or so. I’m kinda in the place where I have basic theory down and bridging the gap between rock/blues and jazz.

I found this guy named Rich Serverson on youtube and started watching some of his videos. I noticed some of them had info but they were a lead in to a lesson that you purchase at his site. Since there’s so much free stuff online, I didn’t know if I wanted to go that route.

But after listening to him awhile and noticing he had a few jazz standards I wanted to get deeper info on so I didn’t sound just like the fake book chords, I picked up a couple. I was pleased right away with the lessons. You can tell this guy has been in the trenches as a player and a teacher. He’s got the cool 50’s – 60’s vibe/style down with his playing and he’s an excellent teacher. Gives you just enough info to not put you to sleep, shows you how to do it with a video and detailed pdf with tab as well as chords and score. Most have backing tracks also.

I looked up his bio and it’s impressive. He has a huge site of lessons and most are between 1.99 to 4.99. You can also do streaming and dvd’s. I’ve only been on there a couple of weeks and have learned a boat load of insight into playing jazz.

I’ll add some more on here as I go along. Here’s a link to the site. Look at the Search Lessons on the right side for an idea of all the offers> http://www.99centguitarlessons.com/index.html

Here’s one I picked up,,it’s an excellent study in diminished playing:

PS: some of the guitars he hangs in the background in the videos will have you drooling in no time. :)