I’ve talked about this incredible cleaning product before on this site in one of the videos but forget which one. Last week I got my fretless bass out at the gig that had been sitting awhile and it was cutting out at the output jack.

And the pots were very scratchy. This is a cheapo bass so I knew they cut corners on the hardware and since I’ve had it awhile started thinking it was time to invest in nice hardware.

But first I will try a little “Funk Out” from Peavey. (It’s a Caig product but I don’t know which one). Wa la…it was like I had replaced the output jack and vol and tone pots. Just a little squirt in each one and you’re good to go, gives a good cleaning and a nice coating of silicone. To clean the output jack, I just put a little squirt on the end of the guitar chord and worked it in and out. Since there was good tension in the output signal sleeve tip and made good ground I was good to go.

So now I can go a little further without replacing hardware. Played great all Sat night.

Here’s some on Amazon