This is basically a video talking about the need to get proper safety training if you’re going to be inside your equipment. There are several ways to get training. After school I literally volunteered my services at a TV shop. (back when they were tubes)

Free labor, of course the guy hired me on the spot since I had my theory down. This gave me the chance to get at the repair bench and look over his shoulder. I could pull out a TI calculator and give you all kinds of data on a given circuit but this is where I started learning the ropes. Learned a lot about safety, as well as many tips and tricks.

The way I ended up in college studying electronics was an interesting road. I was trying to figure out a way to hook up my wa wa to my Big Muff and have them both come on at the same time. After the guy at the CB shop made my Muff sound like a bad TV set I decided to figure it out myself.

All I needed was an A/B box or small mixer but by the time I figured that out I was already bitten by the music electronics bug.